Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Auto Engine StarterWhat is the distance SledStart operates?
SledStart remote starter will operate up to 1 mile from the sled!

Will it work with my snowmobile?
SledStart is guaranteed to work with the following Yamaha models:

  • 2006 - current Apex (all models)
  • 2006 - 2007 Attack (all models)
  • 2007 - current Phazer (all models)
  • 2007 - current Venture Lite (all models)
  • 2008 - current Nytro (all models)
  • 2009 - current RS Venture GT (must be GT model)
  • 2010 - current RS Vector (all models)

How long does it take to install SledStart?
For an experienced mechanic or hobbyist, SledStart should install in less than one hour. You will spend more time cleaning up and routing your wires and split loom than actually plugging SledStart into the snowmobile.

Do I have to cut any wires on my snowmobile to install SledStart?
NO, it is a relatively quick, easy, plug & play install, utilizing factory OEM connectors. There will be no cutting or splicing of ANY wires on your snowmobile. The only modification on the snowmobile will be two 3/16" holes that will be drilled to install a bracket for a clutch cover safety switch. This will be inside the clutch area and will not be visible once all the body panels are installed back on the snowmobile. Please visit our installation page to view the installation manual and videos.

I don't know anything about electronics, how easy is it to install & program?
A lot of careful thought went into making the SledStart system easy to install and operate. Once you use the system a few times it is very simple to program and operate. The user manual provides great detail on how to operate the system and there is lifetime free phone support.

What keeps someone from taking off with my snowmobile while using the SledStart?
SledStart uses the latest code hopping technology to prevent other remotes from operating your snowmobile. The system incorporates tach and brake input sensing so if someone were to apply the brake or throttle during SledStart operation, the ignition is immediately cut off and the SledStart module will not attempt to restart the snowmobile. The LCD remote will always notify you anytime the snowmobile shuts down for any reason!

Will SledStart ever lock out my ignition leaving me stranded?
NO...SledStart will never be able to over ride your ignition. Your key will ALWAYS work no matter what happens to the sledstart module. The SledStart module has its own fuses as well. The SledStart module is piggy backed into the ignition connector just under the dash panel using OEM connectors. This connection can easily be unplugged and the factory connection plugged back in making the ignition circuit completely stock again.

Can SledStart overheat my Yamaha snowmobile?
NO...As it's pointed out in the Yamaha owners manuals, when the engine has been idling for 3 minutes or longer and the coolant temp has risen above 212 Fahrenheit (100 Celsius) the Engine Control Module or ECM will shut the engine off.

But won't SledStart try to restart my snowmobile again?
Upon initial activation, SledStart makes 3 attempts to start the snowmobile. We have come up with a way to make sure the SledStart module will NOT restart your sled if it has been running for longer than 1 minute after initial activation. This means upon activation, SledStart will make 3 attempts to start a cold engine in the first 60 seconds. If the engine is extremely cold it may not catch on the first or second attempt, but normally by 3 tries your up and running. These 3 attempts will all take place within that first minute. So lets say you remote start the snowmobile and it gets too hot. The snowmobiles ECM will shut down the engine if it sees at least 3 minutes idle time and a 212 degree coolant temperature. Since it will take longer than 1 minute to hit these parameters, SledStart will not make additional attempts to start if your snowmobile shuts itself down! This SledStart exclusive feature eliminates any possibility of damage to your engine!

Will a single remote start many different snowmobiles, or is it "keyed" individually?
The SledStart module is programmable for up to two SledStart remotes. These can be two LCD remotes, one LCD and one 1-way non LCD remote, or two 1-way non LCD remotes. One remote will never be able to run two sleds for security purposes. Each snowmobile must have its own module with its own assigned remote or remotes. The SledStart module utilizes code hopping technology to ensure that the remote programmed to the sled will only operate that sled.

Can I shut my snowmobile off with SledStart?
YES. SledStart can be shut off with the push of a button during any mode of remote start. SledStart will run only for its user selected run time and then shut off the snowmobile when that programmed time expires. For added security, SledStart will cut the snowmobiles ignition by tach sensing or brake input any time that any of the remote start modes are active.

What is temperature auto start?
Temperature Auto Start mode will run your snowmobile based on the user selected temperature that can be set for any temperature down to -40. The SledStart system can be run in either Celsius or Fahrenheit modes. The engine run time can be set for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. The SledStart module will know when your engine quits dissipating heat and run another cycle once the module sees your selected temperature again. This mode will remain active until deactivated. The RMP & brake cutoff is always active during Temperature Mode.

What is timer start mode?
Timer Start Mode is a 24 hour timed mode that can run your snowmobile every 1, 2 or 3 hours. The user can select the 1, 2 or 3 hour interval and will run the engine for the preset user selected run time of 5, 10 or 15 minutes. This mode automatically expires 24 hours from activation. The RMP & brake cutoff is always active during Timer Mode.

What does the keylock feature do?
Keylock allows the user to lock the LCD remote keypad so there are no accidental or unwanted remote starts.

Can I check the outside temperature?
YES! You can check the outside temperature from inside your cabin or hotel room with the push of a button. A great way to know how to dress for the day’s ride!!!

What is turbo/valet mode mode?
Turbo Mode allows the user to select a 30 second, 1 or 3 minute turbo cool down. If Turbo Mode is active,  the user simply taps the brake and removes the key from the snowmobile and the engine will run for the selected time and then shut itself down. The longer selections can also allow the user to use this mode as a Valet Mode by tapping the brake, removing the key and running back inside if you forgot something, and then reinserting the key within the time set, then tap the brake again and your back to running down the trail! The RMP cutoff is always active during Turbo/Valet mode. See our Turbo mode video.

YES! Download the installation instructions to learn more!

What kind of warranty covers SledStart?
SledStart is covered by a 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Can I purchase your products without a PayPal account?
YES- just click the "continue" link on the left side of the checkout screen to input your shipping and credit card information.

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