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We are on our 7th season with Yamaha and all of our kits are top notch and tested by Yamaha! Don’t be fooled by the cheap junk out there!!! We constantly improve this kit and listen to your feedback! This is truly a “CUSTOM” kit make for snowmobiles and quads!

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SledStart H4 HID 4300 light kit - $224.95


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SledStart HID H4 PATCH CABLES $20.00 per set

These cables will allow you to remove the existing HID wire harness that currently goes from the HID bulbs to your snowmobile's battery. These patch cables simply plug into the existing ballast on one end and the 3-prong socket from your sled on the other end. Remove the old harness and you're done! This will also allow you to fit everything behind the speedo and into the pod on the Yamaha Apex. This way you are back to the 2 stock connectors if and when you need to pull your headlight pod.

PLEASE NOTE: As of 11/01/2011 all HID kits ordered from will have the updated patch cable harnesses and updated ballasts included along with the traditional harness to the battery. You will NOT need to order the patch cables or ballasts. You will have 2 installation options with the SledStart HID kit. All SledStart harnesses/patch cables will NOT work with non SledStart HID kits. They will only work with the SledStart HID lighting system.

In rare cases depending on the relay used by the snowmobile manufacturer to control the hi-low function on the snowmobile, you may need to update your current ballasts if using the patch cables option for your installation. If you install with the traditional wire harness to the battery, the kit will function on all sleds. If the ballast upgrade is needed for the patch cable install and this is the preferred method you would like to use, SledStart will offer this ballast upgrade at only $54.95 for the set of two ballasts. We have decided instead of increasing the price of the patch cable update and including new ballasts you may not even need, we will just offer the ballast at a discount IF you need them.

If you have any questions about this update please contact us at or call us at:

If you are updating your existing SledStart HID kit and you prefer to just order the updated ballasts and patch cables, then please order the kit below for $74.95 including both the patch cables and updated ballasts. Or you can order this $20.00 patch cable upgrade and it will come with the set of patch cables only. You can then try the patch cables with your existing ballasts and see if you need the updated ballasts.

If you need the updated ballasts and do not wish to pay the extra $54.95 we will be happy to refund the $20.00 for the cables simply by returning them to us.

Updated Ballast (Set of 2) $54.95  

These updated ballasts will be needed if the patch cables will not work with your current sled/ballast configuration. These ballasts will work with any snowmobile and will correct any high/low function cutoff. This update is only needed if you want to install and use the patch cables and experienced the high/low beam issue. If you install the full wire harness to the battery that was also included in your kit, then you will not need these ballasts. The ballasts in the kit will work fine with the full harness that runs to the battery and ground.


This patch cable & ballast update will allow you to remove the existing wire harness that runs to your battery in your SledStart HID kit. In most cases the updated ballasts are not needed to run the patch cables. Please see the notes above. If you have any questions please contact us at or call us at:


Combo Packs

SledStart HID Kit / SledStart Remote Start (combo pack) $429.95 ($44.95 savings)



Replacement Parts and Accessories for Xenon-HID Lights:

Custom Fit Short Wire Harness for sleds with removable panels (does not include the relay box) - $19.95ea

3000K HID bulbs (sold as a pair) $119.95pr

Custom Fit Long Wire Harness for sleds with flip forward hinged hood (does not include the relay box) - $19.95ea

4300K HID bulbs (sold as a pair) $119.95pr

Relay Box - $21.95ea

6000K HID bulbs (sold as a pair) $119.95pr

Ultra Thin Uni-Ballast (fits all kits) $34.95ea